Tuesday June 1, 2010

The PhotoMed newsletter has been on hiatus

During that time, the newsletter received a facelift and worked off a few extra pounds. We hope to get the newsletter back on track with regular updates on the world of dental photography.

Canon has released another Rebel model - the T2i

The Canon Rebel T2i is the latest digital SLR camera to get HD quality video capability. The T2i is an 18 megapixel model that records 1080p HD video clips (up to 12 minutes). It also features a new 3" widescreen LCD screen that matches the aspect ratio of the captured image.

The Canon Rebel series cameras have been the most popular for dental photography for the last few years due to their size, light weight and price.

We offer the Rebel T2i with your choice of Canon and Sigma macro lenses and macro flashes. Read More »

Would you like to get your staff trained to take dental photos?

You know you should get your staff to take your clinical photos, but how do you get them trained?

Len Bucko Photography
offers in-office training for your entire staff. Len will teach your staff how to take perfect, consistent dental photos and how to get the images into your software. We have received great feedback from many of our doctors who have used Len's service. Read More »

New Intraoral Mirror - the Anterior Contacts Mirror

Our new Anterior Contacts Mirror allows you to photograph the overjet from below and see the anterior contact. The curved edge of the mirror sits confortably against the soft tissue and allows an unobstructed view up into the overjet. The mirror can also be used to take occlusal arch views as well.

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Use dental photos to make sure there are no misunderstandings

This is a technique we learned from one of our doctors a few years ago.

Let's say you have a patient that you perceive as potentially difficult. The last thing you want to do is get to the end of a procedure and find out that your patient had a different expectation than you did.

At any step along the way where you discuss the treatment plan, take a quick photo that shows the current situation. Drop the photo into a word processing document and type a summary of the discussion you had with the patient. Print the page and have the patient sign that they understand the plan.

You now have a step-by-step photographic record in case there are any issues later on.

Incredible deal on a Canon Pro9000 Mark II photo printer

Canon is literally giving away this printer - as long as you purchase a qualifying digital SLR body at the same time.

The Pro9000 Mark II sells for $499.99. If you purchase the printer with a Canon Rebel T1i, Rebel T2i, 50D, 7D or 5D Mark II, you get an instant $100 rebate off the sales price and a $400 mail-in rebate. After both rebates, the printer is FREE!

This promotion is valid for US residents on purchases through June 27th and the printer and camera must be purchased at the same time. Call us at 800-998-7765 for more information.

Eye-Fi has updated their line of Wi-Fi enabled memory cards

Eye-Fi has refreshed their line of Wi-Fi enabled memory cards. The Eye-Fi Home card is now called the Connect X2 and the amount of memory has been increased to 4GB. The Connect X2 can wirelessly transfer images and video.

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 card features 8GB of memory, RAW file transfer capabilty and the ability to work with ad-hoc networks.

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You can visit PhotoMed in June at these dental meetings

Want to see the latest in dental photographic equipment? Do you have questions about your PhotoMed camera? Need mirrors and retractors? Then come see us at these dental meetings in June.

International Symposium on Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry, Boston, MA - 6/10 - 6/12
Nobel Biocare Global Symposium, New York, NY - 6/24 - 6/26
American Dental Hygienist's Association, Las Vegas, NV - 6/25 - 6/26

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