The PhotoMed iPad Dental Light is the perfect dental accessory for your Apple iPad. You can take photos of your patients and immediately review the images with them on the iPad's bright, high resolution screen. A dedicated office iPad ensures that patient and personal data are kept separate. Images can be organized for easy case presentation.

The iPad Dental Light is the ideal accessory for proper image illumination for those using the Invisalign app and Dr. Christian Coachman's DSD app (available on the Apple app store).

The iPad Dental Light features the same High CRI 95+ LED panels that we use on the SDL - Smartphone Dental Light. The LED panels have 8 levels of brightness and the lowest brightness setting is ideal for dental photography. The built-in lithium-ion batteries last 12+ hours of continuous use at this setting. Higher power levels are perfect for video where you are further from the subject. A power level scale lets you know the status of the battery level. The panels include removable diffusers.

The LED panels have swivel hinges to allow you to position them for different types of illumination. The universal mount holds all iPads - except the iPad Pro 12.9 model.

Newer iPads have better cameras than older models. The image shown above was taken with a 6th generation iPad (released 2018 - 8 megapixel camera).

The camera app that is included as part of the iPad operating system does a nice job but may be limited when it comes to controlling color through a white balance setting. The Apple app store has many camera apps to choose from that will give you more control over the image color and quality.

The iPad Dental Light also includes a charger and charging cables to charge both lights at the same time from one charger. iPad not included.

PhotoMed iPad Dental Light
PhotoMed iPad Dental Light - for all Apple iPads except the iPad Pro 12.9 model